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Download CabMaster Lite Booking and Despatch Software Free!
Download CabMaster Lite Booking and Despatch Software Free!
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CabMaster Pay As You Go

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For a limited time we have teamed up with RealMagic Mobile And Network Solutions and can offer PAYG with all the benefits of the full package including install and training and hardware from as little as £950. Go to  to find out more

We are pleased to offer you a new and unique way to get your company up and running with our industry leading Fleet Management System.  CabMaster PAYG offers your company the most afforable way to get up and running on the CabMaster system by allowing you a FREE download of our CabMaster PAYG software package.  We have tried to make Getting CabMaster PAYG as simple as possible,  

CabMaster PAYG enables you to purchase the necessary add ons you require through our on-line shopping cart. By allowing you to download the CabMaster PAYG for free, you only need purchase the add ons your company requires, thereby reducing your costs to a minimum.  The software will allow you to set up 10 Cars/Drivers for free on voice (not using Android PDA) and you can purchase additional 5 Car Bolt-on Licenses.

PDA dispatch is available with CabMaster PAYG using our Android PDA App which is downloadable from the Android Marketplace.  You can purchase Android License Credits to operate your CabMaster PDA App through the shopping cart.

Getting Started with CabMaster PAYG

Here is a general guide to what you will need in order to get up and running after you have downloaded CabMaster PAYG.  This will enable you to get the maximum benefits from your CabMaster PAYG system for basic booking and dispatch.

If you haven't yet downloaded CabMaster PAYG or need assistance, please see the article Getting CabMaster PAYG for step by step instructions. 

Address Area Data

You will find it useful to purchase Address Area Data which consists of address information for individual Post Code Areas, such as MK1, W3 or EC1, at a price of only £10 (ex VAT) each.  It is recommended you have all the Post Code Areas for your local area, so for example, if you were in Northampton, that would be NN1, NN2, NN3, NN4 and NN5 and would only cost £50 (ex VAT).

UK Post Code Database

If you are regularly taking bookings to or from specific addresses within the UK, it would be worth purchasing the UK Post Code Database which gives you access to over 27 million addresses within the UK at a one off cost of £200 (ex VAT). It should, however, be noted that this is not designed for entering local bookings and should not be used as a replacement for local Address Area Data.

UK Airport Database

If you want to book to or from all major UK Airports this address database add-on can be purchased for £15 (ex VAT).

UK Location Database

From time to time you will want to book to a City, Town or Village somewhere within the UK, rather than a specific street or Post Code.  You can purchase the UK Location Database for £50 (ex VAT), which provides quick access to over 30,000 locations within the UK and includes every City, Town and Village.

Street Level Maps

Once you have all the necessary databases for booking jobs it will be time to think about the local maps you will need so you can both zone your CabMaster system and also see where your drivers are when they are on PDA with GPS tracking enabled.  This process is explained fully in the video tutorial How to buy Street Level Maps.  The cost for each 5km square tile is £10 (ex VAT).

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